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Bauer Vapor 3X Senior Hockey Shin Guards

Rs. 12,690.00

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  • Brand new for 2022 are the Bauer Vapor 3X Senior Hockey Shin Guards from Bauer Hockey. The 3X shin guards were designed to provide the perfect balance of protection, comfort, and flexibility for the competitive player.
  • Starting off with the knee cap of the Vapor 3X shin guards, there is a deep fitting EDL cap designed to protect against impacts such as blocked shots and falls. Combining ultimate protection with the knee cap is the shin cap which will be a lightweight X-Lite shield cap that contours to the natural shape of the shin, which delivers superior comfort and protection to the front of you knee and shin area.
  • Completing the protection package of the Vapor 3X shin guards, you will have a molded PE foam calf guard that offers great coverage for the back of your leg. This helps to keep your calf area covered and protected from shots and slashes.
  • Finally, keeping everything locked in place is the top comfort lock strap with an elastic calf strap. This will help keep your shin guards in place and dial in the fit you need. Internally, you will find a removable molded comfort liner made from Thermomax which is treated to pull sweat away and keep you fresh all game long.
  • If you are a competitive level hockey player looking for a shin guard that is a great balance of protection and comfort, look no further than the Bauer Vapor 3X Senior Hockey Shin Guards.


Model Family Vapor
Brand Bauer
Product SKU Bauer-1059934