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Bauer Vapor 3X Senior Hockey Elbow Pads

Rs. 8,400.00

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  • New for 2022 from Bauer hockey is the Bauer Vapor 3X Senior Hockey Elbow Pads. Built to be the perfect balance of protection, comfort, and flexibility, the Bauer Vapor 3X Elbow Pads will give you great protection and mobility.
  • For the overall design of the Bauer Vapor 3X elbow pads, Bauer is continuing with the 3-piece construction that allows much more freedom of movement and comfort for the player. Combining with the 3-piece design is the molded PE+MD foam forearm. This allows full flexibility while playing and offers high level protection, giving you full confidence to play your style of game. Over top will be an anatomically molded foam cap to prevent injury from falling directly on your elbow.
  • Up on the bicep of the Vapor 3X elbow pad, there is an independent bicep with molded PE foams which mold to the players arm while being highly protective from a wide range of possibilities.
  • Internally, a ThermoMax liner can be found all around the inside of the elbow pad and is treated to manage sweat and keep you cool all game long.
  • On the strapping of the Vapor 3X, you will see the comfort lock strap system, which is made up of wide, breathable elastics which will allow each player to find their exact fit while eliminating the possibility of the straps coming undone during play or catching on fabrics when putting on a jersey.
  • If you are a competitive-level hockey player looking for an elbow pad that is designed to offer great protection and flexibility, look no further than the Bauer Vapor 3X Senior Hockey Elbow Pads. 


Model Family Vapor
Brand Bauer
Product SKU Bauer-1059926