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BAUER RH Slivvver Puck

Rs. 925.00

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Bauer RH Slivvver Puck Roller Hockey highlights its unique design tailored for roller hockey players. Here are some key points based on the provided information:

      • Specialized Design for Roller Hockey: The Bauer RH Slivvver Puck Roller Hockey is specifically designed for roller hockey players. Unlike traditional hockey sticks that are often designed with ice hockey pucks in mind, this puck is crafted to complement the characteristics of roller hockey gameplay.
      • Weight Consideration: The Bauer RH Slivvver Puck Roller Hockey is designed to be heavier than traditional roller hockey pucks. It weighs 4.4 oz, providing a contrast to the lighter weight of standard roller hockey pucks. This added weight is intended to maximize the potential of hockey sticks, which may be optimized for shooting heavier ice hockey pucks.
      • Optimizing Stick Performance: The rationale behind creating a heavier roller hockey puck is to better match the flex and overall construction of hockey sticks, which are often designed with the characteristics of shooting heavier ice hockey pucks. By utilizing a heavier puck, players may be able to make the most of their stick's design and performance capabilities in a roller hockey setting.
      • Enhancing Shooting Dynamics: The design concept suggests that the increased weight of the Bauer RH Slivvver Puck Roller Hockey could impact the shooting dynamics, potentially providing players with a different feel and response during shots compared to traditional roller hockey pucks.

Players looking for a puck that aligns more closely with the characteristics of their hockey sticks, particularly those designed for ice hockey, may find the Bauer RH Slivvver Puck Roller Hockey to be a specialized and purposeful choice for their roller hockey gameplay.


  • Polyvinyl Chlorine & Resin Matrix body
  • Proprietary Polymatrix Runners
  • 3" x 1" - Traditional Roller Hockey Puck Size
  • Designed for Indoor Use
  • Weight: 4.4 oz