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Bauer RH Pro Roller Pants

Rs. 6,999.00

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The Bauer RH Pro Roller Pants are designed to enhance the mobility, comfort, and coolness of hockey players. Here are the key features that contribute to their performance:

  • 4-Way Stretch Material: Upgraded Material: The Bauer RH Pro Roller Pants utilize an upgraded 4-way stretch material on the sides and rear. This material is chosen to extend a player's range of motion, allowing for increased flexibility during movements. Additionally, the use of this material helps reduce the overall weight of the pants without compromising breathability. 
  • Comfortable Fit: Elastic Waistband and Lace Tie-up: The Bauer RH Pro Roller Pants are known for their comfortable fit, featuring an elastic waistband and lace tie-up. This design ensures a secure and comfortable fit around the waist, preventing the pants from slipping during play. 
  • Durability and ProtectionAbrasion-Resistant Knee Panels: The Bauer RH Pro Roller Pants legs are equipped with abrasion-resistant knee panels, providing durability in a high-contact area. This feature is crucial for protecting the pants from wear and tear, especially during situations where the knees come in contact with the playing surface. 
  • Tapered Design: Snug Fit Around Shin Guards: The pant legs are designed to taper down low, providing a snug fit around the shin guards. This design not only contributes to a streamlined and professional look but also ensures that the shin guards are securely held in place during gameplay.
  • Aesthetics: Sleek Bauer Graphics: The pants incorporate sleek Bauer graphics to enhance the overall aesthetics, giving players a professional and stylish appearance on the rink.

In summary, the Bauer RH Pro Roller Pants are crafted with a focus on performance, comfort, and style. The use of upgraded stretch material, attention to fit with the elastic waistband and lace tie-up, as well as the inclusion of durability features like abrasion-resistant knee panels, make these pants suitable for hockey players seeking a high-quality and functional option for roller hockey. 



4-Way Stretch
Added to the sides and rear of the pants, players receive a greater range of motion through strides and turns.
Materials Breathable Nylon Mesh
Upgraded 4-way stretch nylon mesh
Stretch Gussets Crotch
Waist Tall, Stretch Waistband with Lace Tie
Knee Panels Abrasion-Resistant
Graphics Screen Printed
Weight 200 grams (Senior MD)

Brand Bauer
Product SKU Bauer-1056289

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