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Bauer Re-Akt 85 Hockey Helmet

Rs. 17,880.00

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    The Bauer Re-Akt 85 Hockey Helmet is presented as a helmet that combines superior protection with optimal comfort. Several key features contribute to its performance:

    Performance Foam: The Bauer Re-Akt 85 Hockey Helmet introduces a new performance foam that not only offers superior protection but also ensures a high level of comfort. This foam is designed to manage low and medium energy impacts, providing a balance between safety and comfort during gameplay.

    Soft Pods and THERMO CORE ZERO LiningBauer Re-Akt 85 Hockey Helmet - Soft pods are strategically placed in sensitive zones of the helmet to enhance protection. Additionally, these soft pods are wrapped in a THERMO CORE ZERO lining located above the eyebrows. This lining is designed to wick away sweat, helping to keep players comfortable during intense moments on the ice.

    FreeForm Adjustment System: The introduction of the FreeForm Adjustment system to the Performance segment is a notable feature. Previously found on Elite level Bauer helmets, this system allows players to adjust not only the length but also the width of the helmet. This customization option enables players to achieve a personalized and secure fit, enhancing overall comfort and safety.

    Elite-Level Features in the Performance SegmentBauer Re-Akt 85 Hockey Helmet inclusion of features like the FreeForm Adjustment system from Bauer's Elite-level helmets suggests a commitment to bringing advanced technology and customization options to a broader range of players. This allows players at various skill levels to benefit from features typically associated with higher-end equipment.

    In summary, the Bauer Re-Akt 85 Hockey Helmet appears to be a helmet designed to offer a high level of protection and comfort. The integration of new performance foam, strategic soft pods, sweat-wicking lining, and the FreeForm Adjustment system contributes to a product that prioritizes both safety and a personalized fit for players on the ice.

    • Defense cloud technology in Bauer Re-Akt 85 Hockey Helmet
    • Freeform adjustment system offers independent width and length adjustment
    • Thermocore Zero liner to keep you cool and comfortable
    • Aerolite 3.0 molded multi density liner for maximum protection
    • CSA, HECC, CE certified
    • Performance level helmet


    Width 0.00
    Adjustability Toolless
    Helmet Style Helmet Only
    Model Family Bauer Re-Akt 85 Hockey Helmet
    Brand Bauer
    Product SKU Bauer-1059882