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Bauer Nexus E3 Senior Hockey Stick

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      The Bauer Nexus E3 Senior Hockey Stick, introduced for 2022, is positioned as a game-changer in hockey stick technology. It is part of the Nexus line, which aims to make fundamental aspects of the game—such as shooting, passing, and puck handling—feel seamlessly integrated, allowing players to focus more on the game itself. Here are some key features of the Bauer Nexus E3 Senior Hockey Stick:

      • ER SPINETECH Technology: The stick incorporates ER SPINETECH, a 5-sided shaft geometry designed to optimize key loading areas. By utilizing this unique shape, Bauer aims to provide players with a distinct feel that enhances hand contouring for maximum control. The 5-sided design is also intended to facilitate faster energy transfer to the blade.
      • Optimized Mid-Kick Flex Profile: The Bauer Nexus E3 Senior Hockey Stickfeatures an optimized mid-kick flex profile, making it easier for players to lean into their shots. This profile is crucial for players who prioritize powerful and accurate shots.
      • UD Carbon Shaft Technology: The shaft of the Bauer Nexus E3 Senior Hockey Stick is constructed using Bauer's UD carbon shaft technology. This lightweight carbon fiber material is used in both the shaft and the blade, contributing to high-performance gameplay.
      • Cellcore Technology in the Blade: Bauer employs Cellcore technology in the blade of the Bauer Nexus E3 Senior Hockey Stick. This involves using lightweight foam with a high carbon content, resulting in a blade that offers easier control of the puck. This technology is valuable for enhancing puck handling and shooting accuracy.
      • Affordable Design: The Bauer Nexus E3 Senior Hockey Stick is positioned as an affordable option, making advanced stick technology accessible to a wide range of players who are looking to improve their puck control, passing, and shooting skills without breaking the bank.

      Overall, the Bauer Nexus E3 Senior Hockey Stick seems to be a well-engineered hockey stick that combines innovative design elements to enhance various aspects of a player's performance on the ice. Players seeking improved control and shooting capabilities may find the Nexus E3 to be a valuable addition to their gear.


        Product Length 60
        Stick Finish Grip
        Model Family Nexus
        Brand Bauer
        Product SKU Bauer-1059852-53